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Complete Law Services at the Law Office of Paul Ferrell, Jr., serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania

For over 30 years, attorney Paul Ferrell, Jr. has been providing effective counsel and representation to individuals and families in the area of immigration, criminal defense, criminal record expungement, bankruptcy, and most other areas of the law.

Criminal Defense

As a criminal defense attorney, Paul Ferrell, Jr. represents persons accused of or charged with criminal acts. He helps clients navigate the criminal legal process. Such cases are usually handled in the Superior Court.


After a certain amount of time, the law allows for certain records to be expunged. The destruction or sealing of a criminal record can help in job seeking and housing. Expungement laws are different from state to state so you need a knowledgeable lawyer who can tell you how expungement can work for you.
Just recently, New Jersey's Governor signed into law amendments to the expungements statute providing, in some instances, for the reduction in time for certain persons to file for and receive expungement of eligible crimes.

Prior to the new law, the typical waiting period at the conclusion of a sentence for a felony level offense was 10 years and 5 years for a misdemeanor level conviction. While the waiting period for misdemeanors remains the same, a qualified felony conviction- in some circumstances may be eligible for expungement in 5 years too.

For arrests resulting in dismissals or acquittals, the law still permits expunging arrest records, finger print records, mug shots etc. to be expunged without a waiting period. This is critical because most people do not realize that, unless they are expunged by court action, these documents still show up when history record checks are performed by employers, landlords, banks etc.

I invite anyone who would like to obtain an expungement to contact me for an office appointment.

Immigration Law

As an immigration lawyer, Paul Ferrell, Jr. represents clients before the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). Most USCIS work involves filing different applications and petitions which seek to grant certain status to those who seek to enter or remain legally in the US.

Traffic Court

Moving violations, speeding tickets and the like may seem inconsequential to some, but minor infractions can add up to destroy a driving record and can result not only in higher insurance premiums, but can affect an individual's ability to earn a living. The proper defense against these traffic violations is essential.


Prevent losing assets, such as your home, car, and income when you file for bankruptcy. At the Law Office of Paul Ferrell, Jr. we enable you to protect your assets and help relieve your debts. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an effective way to protect yourself from creditor harassment and start fresh if you are overwhelmed with debt. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your best option for debt relief through a court-approved repayment plan.

Real Estate Closings

Buying and selling real estate requires drafting a deed and often title issues may need to be explored as well as the payment ability of the buyer. Proper recording of documents ensures uninterrupted ownership. A properly drafted purchase agreement sets out the rights and obligations of each party to prevent surprise and to protect the investment. The Law Office of Paul Ferrell, Jr. will make sure that your real estate closing goes smoothly.

Some Possible Scenarios:

  • The Connecticut motorist caught speeding on the 1-295 or the Pennsylvania Turnpike and doesn't know a NJ or Pa. lawyer
  • The man seeking a visa for his fiancé who lives somewhere abroad
  • Persons finding themselves having to defend criminal charges on federal properties
  • The North Carolina resident who didn't know that, unlike in North Carolina, it is illegal in NJ to carry a firearm in the trunk of her car and now faces criminal charges
  • NJ and Pa. residents needing wills to cover their property following death, powers of attorney or living wills
  • Persons seeking to prevent their deportation from the United States
  • Persons who wish to expunge their NJ criminal records
  • NJ or Pa. families seeking to defend mortgage foreclosure with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy relief

NJ And Penna. Municipal Court and Traffic Court-

As a lawyer licensed for more than 30 years, Paul Ferrell, Jr. provides representation for a variety of municipal court cases, including, charges of assault, harassment, theft, criminal mischief, shoplifting, simple drug possession cases, trespass etc.

In addition to these disorderly person's offenses (misdemeanors), Mr. Ferrell provides defense of traffic offenses such as careless driving, DUI, seat belt violations, speeding, and driving while on revoked list.

Assault Cases
- A criminal charge of assault can result from an unlawful or unwanted touching of a person's body. it is not necessary that a specific weapon be used; use of hands or feet are sufficient to be criminally charged. The extent of the injuries will generally dictate how severe the punishment is that will be imposed upon a finding of guilty.

In general, there are two grades of assault: simple and aggravated. Simple assault is a misdemeanor, and will generally be disposed of in the Municipal Court; and aggravated assault, being more serious, is subject to felony prosecution and sentencing in the Superior Court.

Traffic Court
- Cases in traffic court involve the use and operation of motor vehicles. Unlawful operation of a motor vehicle can result in having to defend charges ranging from unsafe operation, careless driving, reckless driving, driving while on the revoked list, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and several other moving violations.

In some minor cases, a defendant may adequately represent her or himself, but in most instances, people find it much more beneficial to engage the services of an experienced attorney to defend them. The consequences of a guilty finding, in traffic court, can range from the imposition of minor fines and costs, to suspension of driving privileges and jail time.

Drug Offenses
- The use and even mere possession of narcotics that are not supported by prescription from a licensed physician, constitute a crime. The substances that constitute the basis of drug laws are known as controlled dangerous substances (CDS). CBS can run from marijuana and hashish to the "hard" drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine etc.

The degree of crime associated with the substance is substantially control by the quantity involved. Laboratory analysis is performed on specimen confiscated by the police to ascertain the nature of the substance as well as its weight.

Among the sentencing alternatives that a judge can impose are drug treatment and rehabilitation, fines, loss of driving privileges and incarceration.

- Stealing a seller's merchandise is punishable as a crime. Those found guilty of shoplifting not only incur criminal records, but they are subject to fines, incarceration and banishment from the premises of the retail establishment from which they stole. Many times the prosecutor's evidence in a shoplifting case will include videotape, showing the defendant secreting merchandise in her purse or on his person. Once it is established that this secreted merchandise pass through the checkout without having been paid for, store security officers stepped right in to detain a defendant.

Immigration Law

Despite recent improvements in the economic and political conditions of nations around the world, hundreds of thousands of persons would like the opportunity to obtain visas to visit the United States or to emigrate and later receive a Lawful Permanent Residence card (a Green Card). In addition, many who are United States citizens or who already have their Green Card status wish to assist relatives to legally immigrate to the United States under their sponsorship. Another category of immigration law, dear to my heart, is that of the K-I visa for a fiancé. This type of visa permits the United States citizen, who has serious and legitimate desires to many a foreign national, to have that national admitted to the United States to consummate a courtship and marriage.

Another very significant area of immigration law involves the deportation of persons alleged by the Government to not to be in lawful status in this country. In the event that you or a family member is in this category, and it can be demonstrated that deportation should not apply to a specific individual, it is a good idea to consult an immigration attorney.

Of all the immigration cases, the one in which I take the most personal pride is that which resulted in the approval of the petition for my current wife to immigrate to the United States from her native country of the Dominican Republic. My wife and I now live in Marlton, New Jersey along with my adult stepdaughter, who emigrated from the Dominican Republic in 2012. We enjoy spending time helping each other to become bilingual in English and Spanish.